Our mission is to translate your ideas into visual stories. In a world flooded with pictures we believe in the importance of the story and the message, no matter the project. 

Our team consists of a pair of cinematographers/editors but we have the flexibility to scale up to fit clients needs. Fixers, Translators, Drivers, Audio Technicians, 2nd Camera teams.

Our expertise of the ground and contacts in the region after living in Ghana, West Africa, since 2016, mean that we understand the nuances to work here.

Our background in journalism has taught us the passion for a well-crafted story. We are specialised in multi-platform editorial video and docu-style branded content.


CAMERAS: Sony FS7. Sony FS5 with Atomos Shogun Inferno external recorder. Sony A7S. Drone DJI Mavic Pro.

LENSES: Canon 24-70. Canon 17-55. Canon 70-200. Metabones Speed Booster EF-E. Nikon Prime Kit (24, 28, 35, 50, 85, 105). Metabones Speed Booster F-E.

SUPPORT: Stabiliser DJI Ronin MX. Gimbal Zhiyun Crane. Tripod Sachtler Flowtech 75m with Ace XL. Tripod Benro S7. Tripod Benro S4 Aero.

AUDIO: Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavalier and Shotgun Kit. Rode Lavalier Wireless Filmmaker Kit. Audio-Technica Shotgun Mics. Rode Lavalier Mics.